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My name is Signe (pronounced sig-knee), and I’m the owner of Sweet Mint Boutique! I have always LOVED to shop and learn about fashion. After studying management & marketing and working in operations, I decided to put my skills to the test and pursue my passion. Not long after, Sweet Mint Boutique was born! 

You may be wondering, why Sweet Mint? I grew up in St. Paul, Minnesota and I remember my friends calling each other the Saint Paul Sweethearts - cheesy, I know! Anyhow, the catch phrase stuck and I decided on the word Sweet. The word Mint came from a combination of Minnesota and the definition of mint which is "pristine, or like new". To me, these two words perfectly descibe not only the style of the boutique but also the beautiful women that will love this shop!

Sweet Mint offers the latest trends in women’s fashion and delivers high-quality pieces that are edgy, unique, and fun! Our mission is to empower women by making them feel sexy and confident! This boutique wouldn't be possible without all of you gorgeous Sweet Mints!

Thank you from the bottom of my heart!

 Happy shopping!